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Did You Know Public Relations and Marketing Are Not the Same?

Coordinate and Utilize Both Types of Advertising to Increase Your Effectiveness and Bottom Line.

We’re going to give you a few tips and reasons why you should know the difference between Public Relations and Marketing strategies + how you can get them working together.

Our last few blogs featured our thoughts on strategy and how important it is to have a business strategy and a marketing strategy that coincides and enhances your overall plans.

As a P.R. and Marketing firm, the team at Stramel PR & Social Media knows when these two advertising arms work together, it will have a much greater impact on your business.

Let’s start out with some basic definitions. According to the Public Relations Society of America, Public Relations is defined as ‘a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.’

In recent years, Public Relations and Marketing have started to merge (or collide) especially as marketing trends have moved toward building a brand’s authority and awareness through influencer, content, and social media marketing.

Since marketing isn’t solely about advertising but now utilizes these digital marketing trends such as building authentic relationships and engagement with your customers— it’s even more important to be sure your P.R. strategies align and work with your marketing.

Here a Few Ideas to Get Your Marketing and P.R. Strategies Working Together:

1. Develop a “combined Campaign” Way of Thinking.

Public Relations can enhance your paid advertising and lead generation campaigns by utilizing the data gathered from consumer surveys or industry statistics to then repurpose that information in content creation i.e. blogs, social media campaigns, or even email campaigns to generate more leads.

Sharing data and information across each department can be particularly useful for understanding industry trends, consumer trends, and your own customer base. Marketing departments could share information with the P.R. departments on the types of content or channels that are driving sales for continued creation through those mediums.

2. Coordinate Brand Messaging.

One of the most effective ways to coordinate brand messaging is when your message i.e. your brand story, identity, and value are communicated consistently across all channels. If your P.R. and Marketing departments aren’t working together that could be a downfall for the brand. While the voice may change depending on the channel or particular campaign, the message stays consistent. If both arms of your company are communicating and coordinating, your brand message has a better chance of staying consistent.

3. Utilize P.R. to Give Your Content a Boost.

What do we mean by this? Let your P.R. department amplify your messaging within your marketing campaigns. Reaching and engaging with your customers is the goal to drive leads to your sales funnels and convert those leads into paying customers. If both your P.R. and Marketing departments work together on campaigns, each arm can decide how its channels and strategies can accomplish the overall goal together. The most effective way to accomplish your goals is when all of the channels, strategies, content, and messaging coincide.

One Final Thought…

Implementing strategic Public Relations campaigns for your business can make THE difference between winning and losing.

Stramel PR & Social Media utilizes strategies and best practices in P.R. and Marketing and gets them working together for your business. We’re here to help you employ the right strategies to drive traffic to your business.

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